Transferring Difficulties

One of the Most Memorable Patients…

When I first started working as an ophthalmic technician, one of the first patients I ever had was a 91-year-old patient, in a wheelchair, with only one leg. This patient is so memorable to me because it was the first patient I had where we had to transfer them into another chair for an OCT. The patient could not reach the chin/head rest in the wheelchair, so we needed to transfer them in order to take good pictures for the doctor. With the patient only having one leg, it made the process a lot more challenging. However, we managed to do it. It did take time and the pictures turned out alright.

I have had this patient 4 more times since, and each time we have gotten faster and faster at taking pictures. We have learned what makes the process go faster and what the patient needs in order to transfer to the other chair. When the patient was in our chair, they were still too short. Over time, we have learned to put extra cushions underneath the patient so they could gain a little bit more height and reach the rests.

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