The Wheelchair Incident

The Wheelchair Incident

Before becoming an ophthalmic technician, I had no prior experience working in the medical field. I was brand new to it all. Because of that, I also had no prior experience with wheelchairs. So, on my first day, I remember there was a patient outside who had been dropped off by a medical transportation company. He was in their wheelchair but the driver told me that he needed to use one of ours for the appointment. I was a little nervous about moving him from chair to chair. To add to this, the patient could not see either (hence his eye appointment) and the driver had gone back inside the van. So, I was there with no help. I was holding onto this man trying to guide him into our wheelchair… and he fell. Then, he started yelling for help. I felt awful! Quickly, I reassured him that he was fine and I lifted him up into the wheelchair. I kept apologizing because I felt so bad! I offered him water and asked if he needed anything else. I then helped checked him and got him to the appointment.

This was not one of my finest moments but it did help me understand wheelchairs better. Also, I learned from this event that wheelchairs have breaks! USE THE BREAKS! They will prevent the patient from slipping out of the chair.

(Just to clarify, he was not injured when he fell. He was okay!)

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